Season 1
64 videos
David Hancock
Season 1 – E66
3 weeks ago

David Hancock of Heroes For Children talks with Cory about his organization which advocates for and provides financial and social assistance to families with children (0-22 years of age) battling cancer. www.

Kovi Fine
Season 1 – E65
3 weeks ago

Kovi Fine (Head of Operations for Amphy) talks with Cory about - a Live Learning On-Line Platform where you can take classes on everything from new languages to yoga and from cooking to musical instruments. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW:

Jeff Schmidt
Season 1 – E64
1 month ago

Jeff Schmidt (Karaoke Celebrity) talks with Cory about his life, love of family and , of course, his karaoke. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: SPONSORS: ExpressVPN:...

Kim Lewallen
Season 1 – E63
1 month ago

HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: SPONSORS: ExpressVPN: - 3 Free Months with an Annual Subscription Thoughts From A...

Russell Hantz
Season 1 – E62
1 month ago

Russell Hantz (Reality Star on Survivor) talks with Cory about what really goes on during the filming of Survivor, his home life and with whom he would want to be stuck on a desert island. IG: @Russell_Hantz HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: ...

Amanda Longan
Season 1 – E61
1 month ago

Amanda Longan (2020 U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist in Water Polo) joins Cory to talk about her career from high school to the Olympics as a goalie for the Woman's Water Polo Team, and to show off her new bling! IG: @Amanda_Longan HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: ...

Jenn Gotzon & Jim Chandler
Season 1 – E60
1 month ago

Actors Jenn Gotzon and Jim Chandler (Husband and Wife) talk with Cory about their new movie The Farmer and the Belle, acting, making independent movies and their newest actor, Baby James. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: ...

Anna McElroy
Season 1 – E59
1 month ago

Anna McElroy (Country Music Singer/Songwriter) talks with guest host Lisa Varga about start as a country singer, her move Nashville, her first time on stage and the song she wrote for her veteran father called "Both Sides of the Ocean". Anna's new song..

Victoria Whitfield
Season 1 – E58
1 month ago

Victoria Whitfield (Business Reiki Master) talks with Cory about entrepreneurship, her podcast (Journeypreneur), how to improve your life and business and how to convince the Universe to bring you success. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: ...

Elizabeth Reyes
Season 1 – E57
1 month ago

Elizabeth Reyes talks with Cory about her life in prison, the adoption of her children, her Tik Tok videos, her upbringing and how she turned her life around. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: SPONSORS: UniDragon Wooden..

Brenda Epperson
Season 1 – E56
1 month ago

Brenda Epperson(Author, Actress, Singer/Songwriter) talks with Cory about her life issues, overcoming horrible and life-changing events and how she has become a better person from these events. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: ...

John Mendoza
Season 1 – E55
2 months ago

John Mendoza (Actor/Comic/Writer and long-time friend of Cory) talks about his career, his romantic life (3 marriages), how he lucked into appearances on The Tonight Show and David Letterman and driving hours with Cory to do a podcast 10 years ago. HELP.

Sam Gallucci
Season 1 – E54
2 months ago

Sam Gallucci (Candidate for Governor of California) talks with Cory about his platform and his plans to solve the homeless problem, welfare, immigration, the economy and other California issues if elected as Governor. HELP SUPPORT...

Robia Scott
Season 1 – E51
2 months ago

Robia Scott (Actress/Author/Life Coach) talks with Cory about her new book (Counterfeit Comforts), touring as a dancer with Prince for two years, her acting career, and how she changed her life and started her ministry. HELP SUPPORT..

Sandra De Sousa
Season 1 – E50
2 months ago

Sandra De Sousa (Actor/Producer) talks with Cory about moving to the U.S. from England, acting in America v. Europe, her upcoming projects (especially Super Zeros - Bob's favorite), and her "authentic" English accent. ...

Kristin & Danny Adams
Season 1 – E49
2 months ago

Kristin & Danny Adams talk with Cory about their new book (The Road to Love and Laughter); how they met; how Kristin kept Danny in the friend zone for three years and how they have now been happily married for 14 years and now have two lovely children...

Bob & Cory
Season 1 – E48
2 months ago

Cory and her producer (Bob) answer listener questions about their lives, the show, politics, religion and more. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: SPONSORS: ExpressVPN: - 3 Free Months with an...

Panos Siozos
Season 1 – E47
3 months ago

Panos Siozos talks with Cory about his company Learn Worlds - a one-stop-shop which allows people to create and publish on-line classes. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: SPONSORS:

Part 2 - Judy Mikovits (Special Edition)
Season 1 – E35
3 months ago

Judy Mikovits comes back in this Special Edition to discuss and refute the intentional misquoting of Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier by the Mainstream Fake News from a 2020 Interview. HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: ...

Judy Mikovits
Season 1 – E35
3 months ago

Judy Mikovits (PhD) talks with Cory about masks, vaccines, science, politics and her books (The Case Against Masks and Plague of Corruption). HELP SUPPORT OUR SHOW: SPONSORS: ExpressVPN: