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Going Multi-Platform

7 months ago

Starting today, I will be posting any and all video content on every platform at the same time (or as close as possible). The only exceptions will be for platform-specific situations, like the StoryFire Banner competition. This is not to devalue my care for any platform, but to diversify my audience. As you can see, I've recently joined Utreon and Odysee. This is in addition to getting onto StoryFire after being fed up with YouTube and all their BS rules and enforcements. However, even though they enforce what I believe are unnecessary rules, it's better that I use it to grow my channel, as well as the platforms I use alongside it. StoryFire, Utreon and Odysee will all be linked by default in my YouTube descriptions and I will promote all 3 of these platforms in a video some time soon.

Also big thanks to the Utreon Staff for getting me verified! This is a big step for me and my hopeful career, and it will not go unnoticed. <3

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