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BUSTED! - Dymo Gets WORSE!
eevBLAB – E96
3 months ago

As if Dymo adding DRM to force you to use their labels wasn't low enough, they have been BUSTED reusing their old 450/4XL Amazon listings in order to keep all their old positive reviews to make you think people are positively reviewing their new 550/5XL..

Why Are Youtube Playlists So BAD?
eevBLAB – E95
4 months ago

Over a decade spent categorising videos into Playlists, and all for nothing? Rant on why Playlists don't work and how it's such a neglected Youtube feature, and a way to improve it. This is important for eclectic channels like the EEVblog that have a wide

Why Dont Companies DO THIS Anymore?
eevBLAB – E94
5 months ago

Dave looks at a classic Philips quarterly journal from 1970 and asks why companies don't make historical documents like this any more featuring the employees who worked there? Bonus rant on Theory of Operation documents. Combiscope video:...

The Wealth Equation
eevBLAB – E92
6 months ago

Finance and life advice time. How to build wealth, it's not rocket science. 00:00 - How to build wealth 01:29 - The Wealth Equation 02:41 - Investing is NOT the way to get wealthy! 03:35 - The #1 way to build wealth is... 04:11 - Different forms of...

Why Are Fluke Meters So EXPENSIVE?
eevBLAB – E91
6 months ago

8 industry reasons why Fluke meters are so expensive, and why people still buy them. You might be surprised by some of the reasons and have not encountered this thinking before in the industry. NOT sponsored by Fluke. In fact you should buy my BM786 for.

How to get Kids into STEM at School?
eevBLAB – E90
7 months ago

How do you get kids into STEM at school? Twitter: Forum: Subscribe on Odysee:

Youtube is DEAD - Dislike Count REMOVED!
eevBLAB – E89
7 months ago

Youtube just announced they are removing the public Thumbs Down count site wide, and only allowing Thumbs Up counts, to "protect" the creators of course. They then proceeded to get OWNED in the comments! LOL...

Right To Repair Questions & Answers
eevBLAB – E88
10 months ago

NOTE: This video was a response to various questions about Right to Repair I hastily did for a legacy media current affairs program who are doing a segment on right to repair. But I now won't be on it, so here is the footage if it's of use to anyone else.

Flake Multimeter Watch!
eevBLAB – E87
12 months ago

Shut up and take my money! A look at the Flake Multimeter Watch concept art by Alexander Schmid Fluke should hire this guy! Forum:...

On The Importance Of Diligence + NEWS
eevBLAB – E86
1 year ago

Life advice, on the importance of diligence. Plus some news. Forum: AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything through that link and.

Youtube TAX!
eevBLAB – E85
1 year ago

Youtube want to pass on a 24% tax on Adsense revenue for creators, a look at what it means. AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything through that link and Dave gets a commission at no cost to you. Donate With Bitcoin.

2021 is the Year of Alternatives
eevBLAB – E84
1 year ago

Louis Rossmann's rant on alternative platforms: AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything through that link and Dave gets a commission at no cost.

DJI Pocket 2 Camera Registration BULLSHIT!
eevBLAB – E83
1 year ago

WTF, you have to register the new DJI Pocket 2 camera with their Mimo app in order to use it or it stops working after five power-ups?! World Economic Forum - The Great Reset: "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy" Forum:...

Kickstarter Over-unity Gravitational Power Generator!
eevBLAB – E82
1 year ago

Two Japanese guys have been working for 30 years on a "Gavitational Power Generator" over-unity machine that produces 30-100 times the input energy. The Japanese Patent office disagrees in an hilarious Kickstarter own-goal!...

Google BANNED LBRY Android App from Play Store
eevBLAB – E81
1 year ago

Google just BANNED the LBRY Android app from the Google Play Store! AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything through that link and Dave gets a commission at no cost to you. Donate With...

Is Staying Private Online Good For Your Career?
eevBLAB – E80
1 year ago

An extract from a live show on EEVBlog2 And interesting question was raised: Does staying private and secretive online help or hinder your engineering career prospects? Does having a presence on social media and LinkedIn help or hinder? Dave also tells a.

Bunker Shelving Storage BUILD + Moving Labs!
eevBLAB – E79
1 year ago

Building more bunker storage. Plus discussion on moving the lab. #Storage #Shelving #LabMove AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything through that link and Dave gets a commission at..

Engineering Student Job Advice
eevBLAB – E78
1 year ago

Answering a forum question from an engineering student. Advice for getting internships, jobs, and how to stand out on in your resume. Playlist of Job Interview tips: How to get around Human...

TV Packaging Technology is INTERESTING
eevBLAB – E77
1 year ago

Only Dave can think that TV packaging boxes are interesting enough from a product design perspective to make a video about them. #TV #Packaging #Engineering AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything through that link...

HUGE Youtube Ad Changes will impact YOU!
eevBLAB – E76
1 year ago

Youtube is about to make a HUGE change to mid-roll ads on every video on every channel. All creators are about to be opted-in to mid-roll ads for new AND existing content. You are about to be bombarded with ads! This also potentially impacts the revenue..