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WiGL Wireless Power BUSTED AGAIN!
EEVblog – E1466
3 months ago

WiGL was not content with raising $5M for their wireless power mobile phone charging boondoggle last time, so they are raising even more money, with even more laughable bad test results! Support the EEVblog on: Locals:

Your Multimeter Can Measure Inductors
EEVblog – E1465
3 months ago

Handy tip on how you can use your multimeters capacitance range to measure inductors, using the reciprocal method. Forum: Support the EEVblog on: Locals:...

Jellybean Comparators
EEVblog – E1464
3 months ago

Support the EEVblog on: Locals: Patreon: Odysee: EEVblog Web Site: 2nd Channel: EEVdiscover:...

EEVblog – E1463
3 months ago

What's in Dave's Mailbag? Forum: SPOILERS: 00:00 - Mailbag Bonanza! 03:24 - 3M IDC Crimping tool 04:57 - Bulova Accutron Watchmaster battery tester 06:52 - The best button EVER! 07:24 -...

Dymo Label Printer DRM SUCKS!
EEVblog – E1462
3 months ago

Don't buy the new Dymo 550 or 5XL label printers, they now use DRM NFC/RFID technology in the paper rolls to force you into using their labels at 10 TIMES the cost! EFF:...

4 months ago

Join Dave in the search for an alternative replacement MOSFET. It might not be as easy as it sounds. Talk about how to identify components and function, MOSFET parameters, and using google and parametric searches on supplier and manufacturer websites. ...

Interesting REPAIR of an Aputure Amaran LED Studio Light
EEVblog – E1460
4 months ago

Dave repairs his failed Aputure Amaran HR672C LED studio light which is mysteriously killing batteries and falsely indicates charging when no batteries are installed. And salvaging the spare part from an old dumpster laptop! Forum:...

Is it worth PARTS SALVAGING an Inkjet Printer/Scanner?
EEVblog – E1459
4 months ago

Is it worth salvaging parts from a consumer HP office Inkjet Printer/Scanner from the dumpster? Scrapping a dumpster laser printer for parts: Forum:...

Microscope Polarising MAGIC!
EEVblog – E1458
4 months ago

Can't see those pesky laser etched part numbers on chips? Dave demonstrates what's happening with the microscope polarising filter lenses on Twitter that's blowing people's minds. Does it actually work? And other tricks of the trade. DIY Light box for...

Old School Mailbag - ESC Burnout
EEVblog – E1457
4 months ago

Old school mailbag. Forum: SPOILERS: 00:00 - Old School Mailbag 01:09 - TOASTY Quadcopter ESC 08:07 - The best XMAS Tree LED light yet 11:26 - Kaiweets ST600Y...

Sega Toys Homestar Planetarium REPAIR
EEVblog – E1456
4 months ago

Repairing a Sega Toys Deathstar, err, Homestar Flux Planetarium The designer Takayuki Ohira talking about the design: 10 minutes of the Casio FX-91W spinning:...

Capacitors Produce Current During Reflow Soldering! WTF!
EEVblog – E1455
4 months ago

Electrolytic capacitors produce current when they are reflow soldered! Enough to possibly light up a high efficiency LED. What is going on? A initial investigation with experiments and measurements. ...

Water from Air AGAIN! - The Kara Pure
EEVblog – E1454
4 months ago

Another Indiegogo marketing takedown. Kara Pure raised $1M for a water-from-air dessicant dehumidifier that costs US$1800 uses a $20 alkaline mineral filter to give you tasty filtered water for the cost only 14kWh/day in energy, at best. So dumb it...

Elgato Key Light TEARDOWN
EEVblog – E1453
4 months ago

Teardown of the Elgato Key Light Forum: Subscribe on Odysee: EEVblog Web Site: The 2nd EEVblog...

Fluke PM3370B Combiscope REPAIR
EEVblog – E1452
5 months ago

Repairing the Fluke/Philips PM3370B combiscope. Or have we? Forum: Subscribe on Odysee: EEVblog Web Site: The 2nd EEVblog Channel:...

How I Shoot EEVblog Videos
EEVblog – E1451
5 months ago

Showing you all the tools and techniques I use to shoot videos. Cameras, lighting, sound, streaming, editing, macro phototography, microscopes, green screen, and ATEM live production system. Locals: Portable kit:...

$99 Fluke Combiscope Ebay SCORE!
EEVblog – E1450
5 months ago

A $99 Fluke PM3370B Combiscope score from Ebay! Will it work? Unboxing video: 00:00 - Fluke Combiscope Ebay Score 03:26 - Will it work? 05:32 - WTF was THAT?! 10:25 - Teardown 15:48 - Unusual

What Causes Excess Battery Drain? (BM235)
EEVblog – E1449
5 months ago

A BM235 customer has a BM235 that drains the batteries in OFF switch mode, lets look at the PCB to find out the possible culprits. Potentially applicable to any battery powered product. Forum:...

Convert a Fluke 77 IV to True RMS for 10 CENTS!
EEVblog – E1448
5 months ago

How to convert a Fluke 77 IV average responding multimeter into a True RMS model 177 for 10 cents. Should also work for converting a Fluke 83V to 87V True RMS measurement vs Average Responding And calibration of a Fluke meter. 00:00 - Hacking a Fluke 77.

EEVblog 1447 - EXPENSIVE Fluke vs CHEAPER Brymen - Teardown
EEVblog – E1447
5 months ago

Why are Fluke multimeters so expensive? PART 2 A teardown of the Fluke 70/170 series vs the Brymen BM786. Is there any design and construction difference that justifies 2-3 times the price? 00:00 - Fluke vs Brymen 01:07 - The Yellow Peer Pressure 01:57 -