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Flaming Magic Repair Smoke!
EEVblog – E1423
2 months ago

Dave released the magic smoke during a repair! Brain was not engaged... Astable Aliens: Forum: AliExpress Affiliate:...

EEVblog – E1420
2 months ago

1 hour Mailbag! Forum: AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything through that link and Dave gets a commission at no cost to you. Donate With Bitcoin & Other...

Sinclair C5 Restoration - Part 2
EEVblog – E1419
2 months ago

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair. Dave finally gets around to starting to take apart and restore the classic Sinclair C5 electric vehicle. Forum: AliExpress Affiliate:...

EEVblog – E1418
2 months ago

This "Repair" of a Keysight DSOX1102G oscilloscope was a tad embarrassing... Forum: AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything through that...

Alternating Current AC Basics - Part 1
EEVblog – E1417
3 months ago

Following in from the DC circuit fundamanetals series starts the AC circuti fundamentals series. This part 1 looks at: - What is Alternating Current - How AC is created using a generator - Angular Frequency - The sinusoidal waveform, benefits and...

Random TEARDOWN: Sennheiser EW100 True Diversity Receiver
EEVblog – E1416
3 months ago

Random teardown from the lab, a Sennheiser EW100 true diversity wireless microphone receiver. Plus an explanation of how antenna diversity works. Transmitter and camera receiver teardown: Gary:...

Reverse Engineering the DP10007 Differential Probe
EEVblog – E1415
3 months ago

Reverse engineering the Micsig DP10007 high voltage differential probe. Turning the PCB into a schematic. Reverse enginering how-to for the Rigol oscilloscope: DIY light box for PCB photography:...

Turning it up to 11 (1100V)
EEVblog – E1414
3 months ago

Can Dave destroy the Micsig DP10007 high voltage differential probe by turning the voltage up to 1100V RMS? Plus a teardown of course. Forum: AliExpress.

Oscilloscope Current Probe TEARDOWN + DEMO
EEVblog – E1413
3 months ago

Teardown and measurements with the Micsig CP2100B 2.5MHz oscilloscope current probe. Also a demonstration of mains switch mode power supply current and noise measurement, and also some performance tests. Use the coupon code FLUX for 15% off! And paying..

Argon Ion Laser TEARDOWN!
EEVblog – E1412
4 months ago

Dave tears down the 10W Coherent 300C Argon Ion laser. All 42kg, 1.2m and 24kW worth! The App Hour podcast episode: PSU teardown:...

EEVblog – E1410
4 months ago

Froum: SPOILERS: 00:00 - Dancom RT403B 25W VHF Marine Transceiver teardown. 09:07 - Workbench of the week, Tony Albus: TEA:...

The DANGERS of Inductor Back EMF
EEVblog – E1409
4 months ago

A practical demonstration of Lenz's law and back EMF in an inductive relay coil and how to solve it using a Freewheeling/Flywheel/Flyback/Snubber/Clamp diode. Also the downsides of clamping diodes, and switch arcing supression. Also a look at an AMAZING..

$5M WiGL Wireless Charging BUSTED!
EEVblog – E1408
4 months ago

WiGL have raised almost 5 MILLION dollars on StartEngine. What's worse than another wireless charging technology startup? - One that doesn't really have any original technology and simply uses off the shelf RF energy harvesting chips! This one is just...

Right to Repair with iFixit Founder Kyle Wiens
EEVblog – E1407
4 months ago

iFixit founder Kyle Wiens talking about Right to repair at the inaugural 2021 Australian Right to Repair summit. Dave also talk about the Right to Repair initiative and the Australian Government Productivity Commission Right to Repair Report just...

DC Circuit Transients Fundamentals
EEVblog – E1406
4 months ago

The conclusion of the DC circuit fundmentals tutorial series. How a capacitor and inductor works, parallel and series configurations, exponential rise and decay, time constants, and basic differential calculus. Energy storage in capacitors and inductors.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo vs Rode AI-1 TEARDOWN
EEVblog – E1405
5 months ago

A side-by-side teardown of the Focusrite Scarlett Solo and the Rode AI-1 USB audio interface. Forum: AliExpress Affiliate:...

The Amazing HP 9845B Computer
EEVblog – E1404
5 months ago

The HP9845B 16 bit computer was revolutionary in 1979 and the early 1980's, find out why. The 9845C colour version of this created the amazing war room images for the movie War Games Forum:...

EEVblog – E1403
5 months ago

Mailbag! ChibiAkumas Youtube Channel: Amazon Print On Demand Factory Tour: AliExpress Affiliate: Buy anything..

Rohde & Schwarz NGA100 PSU Teardown + GIVEAWAY
EEVblog – E1402
5 months ago

Teardown of the new NGA100 100V 2A NGA142/NGA102 Lab Power Supply, and a look at a few issues found. PLUS a GIVEAWAY of two units!...

DC Power, Efficiency, & Maximum Power Transfer Theory
EEVblog – E1401
5 months ago

Dave closes out the basic DC circuit series with DC Power, Efficiency, & Maximum Power Transfer Theory tutorial. Includes Ohm's law refresher. DC Fundamentals Playlist: Forum:...