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One of those "New Beginning" Posts

6 months ago

Hello everyone! Long time, no see!! Eight months ago I got the great idea of putting our house into storage and moving into a camper for the summer. I thought that it would be a great chance to take a big step forward in my video creation. There would be new trails to film and I would finally be able to save up to get my first actual drone. As with many of my good ideas, things did not go as planned. In fact, only a few hours after turning over the keys to our old house our camper was hit by a Jeep.

Trailer accident picture

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Our camper ended up being totaled and we spent the last half of 2021 recovering from that incident. We were able to get a new trailer, travel a bit, and move into a new rental. The entire experience turned out rather positive as I was able to spend some quality time with my family.

The downside was that work on my channel stopped...

I am happy to announce my return to Utreon and a "new beginning"! This last week has been spent brainstorming my next steps with the channel. The best course of action right now is to make the most out of my current technology like when I first started this project. My previous videos were recorded on a laptop. Now that I have my desktop working with a decent video card, I am going to start by remastering my VelociDrone beginner track series.

This will give me the chance to practice in the simulator, get comfortable recording videos again, and (hopefully) improve the overall quality of my original videos. I will also be working with two new software tools: 1) OBS for recording and 2) Shotcut for editing.

Stay tuned because I am planning my roadmap for the rest of the 2022 which includes improving my outdoor camera gear and finally getting into a real drone!


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