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Free With FPV - Channel Notes (May 2021)

1 year ago

Thank you for visiting my channel!!!

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I want to start May 2021's channel notes with a big Thank You for taking the time out of your day to stop by my channel. This is my first attempt at content creation and it has been a very enjoyable experience so far. Being able to share my newfound interest in the first-person view (FPV) hobby is rewarding in itself. I will be posting notes at least once a month in order to give you some insight on the behind the scenes activities of my channel and to keep myself organized. My current intentions are to leave my videos voice free and communicate through posts and comment replies.

My long-term goal for FreeWithFPV is to share my experience in nature from a first-person point of view. Although FPV is commonly associated with drone flight, I hope to go a step further by recording from locations other than just the sky.

Hopefully, my videos can serve as an outlet for those who might be stuck inside for whatever reason. Since I am on an extremely low budget, channel improvements may be slow at times. Below are my next steps in the development of this channel:

First, I will be posting daily videos of my practice sessions from the flight simulator VelociDrone. Please note that I am recording from my laptop and am unable to have the graphics quality at the level that most people are used to these days (a better computer is on my list of things to buy). I know that these are not the most stimulating videos, but flying in the simulator will hopefully help me better understand flight so I don't completely wreck my first drone. Those of you that have watched my videos will already know that I crash often. =)

Second, recording and posting drone videos online requires me to be a certified remote pilot by the FAA as per their Part 107 guidelines. I will be studying for the comprehensive test over the next few weeks and can post about that experience if you are interested. Just let me know!

Finally, a 'Hike of the Week' is in planning. This will start the process of presenting nature scenes from the first person view.

I look forward to continuously improving this channel. Thank you again for joining me on this journey!

In Progress

  • [ ] Complete 30 days of drone practice in VelociDrone.
  • [ ] Study for the FAA 107 examination.
  • [ ] Begin posting a 'Hike of the Week'

On the Horizon

  • [ ] Purchase a GoPro to improve video.
  • [ ] Pass the FAA 107 examination.
  • [ ] Purchase a FPV headset and drone.
  • [ ] Record first outdoors FPV drone flight.


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