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Gear I've purchased to enjoy the outdoors more comfortably and safely.
9 months ago
I found this bag to be the best combo for all of my leisurely trips as well as a lot of my outdoor adventures! Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 55L- ▶ Outdoor Essentials- Free Money/$ave..
1 year ago
I pitch a tent and review my Yosemite 2P Hyke&Byke Ultralight Tent - All Socials - ▶ Outdoor Essentials-
5 years ago
Legit Camping Hammock- ▶ Outdoor Essentials-...
5 years ago
This synthetic 22 degree Kelty sleeping bag is the perfect size and insulation for 3 season camping! (I'm 6'4" btw). Kelty Tuck 22 Sleeping Bag-...
5 years ago
This sleeping pad provides the perfect thickness for us side sleepers. It's light weight and packs away small. I haven't had a better nights rest on the ground with any other sleeping pad yet. ▶ Outdoor Essentials-...