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Donkey Kong.exe | Horror game or just NOT - Indie game
2 months ago

We are playing an indie game that suppose to be horrifying but turns out it was just... way past horrifying as a game! ➡️ Overview: We are playing an indie game called "Donkey Kong.exe: Broken Cartridge" and it was created by CooLDucK GameS. This...

Walk to the rave gameplay! - Indie game!
2 months ago

This game is a horror game called "The walk to the rave"and it's an indie game created by master00. The story is about our character being on either drugs or mentally unstable when he was awake in an abandoned factory. So, our job was to make him "escape"

Indie game - Are we riding a gun that goes brrrr
2 months ago

Hello devys and devites all alike! I'm playing a platformer and shooter created by Fifth Edge Studios and it was inspired by other platformers and mixed with gameplay shooter! I am going to be doing gameplay on this game and I hope you all enjoy it! ...

Indie game - The power of legs that can change time !
2 months ago

Hello devys and devites! Today, I am playing "Jump Time Demo" that is created by burningvortex33. This game is an indie game where you have to make it to the end but there is a trick! Everytime you jump, time speeds up because your character was injected

Darwin.exe game with commentary - warning jumpscares!
2 months ago

This game was created by kron673 and this is a spinoff horror game of gumball.exe Darwin.exe is a gumball clone of the original game but focuses more on Darwin. This game was about Darwin Waterson being a creepypasta and you are summoned into the...

Darwin.exe 2 is scarier than the first ! Indie game!
2 months ago

I am playing Darwin.exe 2 and I was wondering if this horror indie game would be scarier than the first Darwin.exe game! The creator, Kron673 created this game and I will provide a link below to download the game or you can follow him on his GameJolt...

Crash.exe Crashbandicoot.exe game with memories!
2 months ago

I'm replaying an old game called "crashbandicoot.exe" game and this game was published 4 years ago and still brings back memories! This game still scares me to this day and it will never be forgotten! Also, KaloyGames did a great job making this exe game.

Nightmare Picking gameplay! - Indie Game
2 months ago

I will be playing an indie game called "Nightmare Picking" and it is created by ZiltyFnati! This game is a game inspired by Darwin.exe and it did give me the scares! Also, I recommend playing on the lowest settings since there are jump scares and I'm not.

Labyrinthe | Indie Game playthrough - Puzzle Gameplay
2 months ago

I will be playing an indie game called "Labyrinthe" and the map is created by GamesByEliott! This game is a puzzle game and you need to escape from these "naked Shrek or Thanos" to the end of the maze to progress to the next level! Anyways, I will provide

Indie game - Autumn’s Fairies Hub Gameplay!
2 months ago

Hello devys and devites! Today, I am playing once again "Autumn's Fairies" created by wooooden! This time, I am testing out the hub version! This is a short gameplay of me testing the hub/spawn world for Autumn's Fairies and it is still in development! I

Indie game - Are we on a quest with Crusty!
2 months ago

Hello devys and devites all alike! I'm playing an Indie game that was created by Scar_ExecutionYT and it was inspired by other platformers like Mario, Wario, and other platformers we all know! I think it's one of the best indie games I ever played on a..

Can we get it into the hole | Indie Game playthrough
2 months ago

I will be playing an indie game called "The Hole" and this game was created by Kayky_Dias! This game is about being the time on the clock and trying to get the highest before the time runs out! This game is good for everyone that is willing to take on...

Am I an organized thief - the very organized thief gameplay
2 months ago

I'm playing an indie game called, "The Very Organized Thief" that is created by Redefinition Games. This is a game about yourself being an "Organized" thief and you have to follow a list of items to steal from the owner's house. But watch out, he will...