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2 -10 Rounds | CHOOSE YOUR BOXING WORKOUT LENGTH | NateBowerFitness
1 year ago

This boxing workout has 6 x 30 seconds sets of boxing per round 10 seconds rest between sets 20 seconds rest between rounds 10 total rounds. Work as hard as you can for as many boxing rounds as you can. | Round | Combo | | 1 | 1-5-2 | | 2 | Sprinter

Ultimate 20 Minute Heavy Bag Workout Session 2 | NateBowerFitness
1 year ago

This is a re-release of the original Ultimate 20 Minute Heavy Bag series session 2. It's an 8 round basic heavy bag Boxing workout for all boxing levels. I've added a voice over, a timer, bell and new music. YOUR GOAL---Go full out from the start of round

6 or 60 Minute Shadow Boxing Workout | Choose your Workout length | NateBowerFitness
1 year ago

It's up to you! You can do the review round and 1 full round...or go through all 10 rounds! 6 x 30 seconds combinations per round 10 seconds rest between combinations 20 seconds rest between rounds. Make the attempt to hit all 10 rounds and subscribe

5 Important Shadow Boxing Tips for Boxing Workouts
2 years ago

Shadow Boxing, and Heavy Bag work workouts are quickly becoming one of the most popular form of fitness. In the Shadow Boxing Workout JT and I give you 5 important Shadow boxing tip to help improve your shadow Boxing, and boxing fitness workouts. ...