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When will my videos be transferred?

2 months ago

Update below:
Utreon created this page for me around 8/10/2022 and the video transferring started off slowly but seemed to be going well. Sadly my videos are not automatically transferring over here from YouTube anymore. For approximately two weeks that process has stopped. In the meantime my older videos are supposed to be moved over as well but that has also stopped.
When I send emails to get an update, I usually get a pretty quick reply that tells me it should take a couple weeks. Well I don’t think the process is only taking a couple weeks and perhaps there needs to be additional help within Utreon to get this done.
It sounds as if this platform is becoming more popular, which is great, and that might be why things are getting bogged down. The older videos are not really the issue… It’s the new videos that I’m posting on YouTube that are not automatically coming to this platform… That is the problem.
I sure hope they get this fixed quickly because Utreon is a damn good platform and far better than others I’ve found outside of YouTube. But if I can’t get my videos to transfer over then this is going to take forever and might not be worth the time.
Update: 9.24.22 The newest chicken video came out on YouTube this morning and then showed up here on Utreon a few hours later. Something isn't working quite right but maybe this development means progress.

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