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My Trip to the Local Lavender Farm 09:38
My Trip to the Local Lavender Farm
3 months ago

Today I planted a couple grape and lavender plants near the chicken kennel. Lavender is supposed to discourage flies and I know this based on my trip to the local lavender farm where NO FLIES existed. This is great news for next summer. Take a walk with me through the lavender farm! Music provided by: #Chickens #Humor #BackyardChickens #RaisingChickens #Trinity #ParkourChick #Phoenix #MissCloud

Cutting Down Trees with Friends 08:29
Cutting Down Trees with Friends
8 months ago

Michael and I decided to take down two trees in our backyard. The question is how many saws did it take, how many friends volunteered, and how many days. Ha! Music provided by: #Chickens #Poultry #Humor #BackyardChickens #SpitFire #Trinity #ParkourChick #Phoenix #MissCloud

Guess How Many Coins in the Jar 09:26
Guess How Many Coins in the Jar
11 months ago

I got bored one day and decided to count my #coins. Just for fun, can you guess how many coins are in this jar BEFORE I dump it out and then after you see the piles separated out? Guess if we'll end in an even or odd number, the last number of the dollar amount and the last two numbers. It's silly but might as well. #coincounting #GuessHowMany Music provided by:

Smokeless Camp Stove 19:54
Smokeless Camp Stove
1 year ago

Michael takes us through making a smokeless camp stove. Along the way, we have a few issues to overcome and even bring in a little help from Igor. This is a fun time! Music provided by: