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4 days ago
Please read the description: I will now start uploading videos that never made it to YouTube due my disagreement with YouTube back then. Now it's useful so I have plenty of time to work on my other animations: DAJURRE, Roodisooders and the NEW...
Roodisooders – S1 • E1
4 days ago
Welcome Roodisooders people, I hope you're ready for the adventurous life of the Roodisooders again! But this time in a new story. The very last episode of the old series was February 7 2020, and today is the day that Roodisooders has officially been...
2 weeks ago
WARNING: Contains: Blood and violence, I recommend to be 12 years or older to watch this. A sad animation I made for Animation college a while back. I thought why not upload it? It's a story about a guy named Tom who loses his girlfriend Sammy, while he..
1 month ago
It's finally happening! In this video I will reveal the upload date! Music by SoundEffectsFactory --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Share our videos with your friends and family or
2 months ago
I was 15 years old when I started with Roodisooders back in 2012, a day that changed my life pretty much forever.. Because without Roodisooders I wonder how my life would have been, I would not have this channel I know that for sure. Enjoy this sweet...
2 months ago
This will be so confusing for new subscribers who didn't sub for Roodisooders 😂 Brian and cows won't return in the Roodisooders RM series. 🐄🚫 Any character that is a cow or Brian will be permanently banned from PrisZymations In this video we...