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Donald Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

4 months ago

Donald Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as lead in a Class Action suit, which means, the rest of us who have been censored, banned or kicked off these platforms potentially get to be involved too.

That's a good thing, despite what many are saying. Not because Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as private companies should not maintain some protections, but because Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have shifted and become something very different than what the legal protections were designed for, that apply to smaller social media entities.

These three entities, have become global news services and media corporations with global public platforms where governments at local, state and federal levels relay public of information, that exclusively appears only on these media services. The public that is unable to access these three entities are being denied public access to that information. Public Access, is a requirement under the laws covering cable television networks. Since Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have intentionally engaged in steps to replace or to become a substitute for cable news and television, they should of course be forced to comply with similar laws of public access.

These three media giants, control the largest majority of all public and governmental discourse in many countries and certainly a majority in the United States. They're influence goes beyond what was intended by the legal protections offered to social media platforms, as they aggressively engage in editorial of news from traditional news outlets that use these services to publish news and information. They are also clearly and directly engaged in political propaganda and manipulation of public discourse. Facebook for example used a loop hole to pour a massive amount of money into the questioned election outcomes of the 2020 elections, in an attempt, that apparently worked, to influence voting.

Wherever the lawsuit ultimately leads, it will be good for America, but also good for global relations. Legal policies regarding the internet and the free flow of information must always change, adapt and keep up with how technology influences culture for better or worse. America is particular is far behind in this area.


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