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Phishing Alert. Please Read! Also A Special Service Offer!

2 weeks ago

Somebody has been posting phishing links on my videos for a while here on Utreon. I just want to say to everyone I'm not responsible for these comments being made with malicious links attached in the comments section of my videos. If you see any of them pop up, do NOT click on the link! Flag the comments and the user responsible for posting up the comments. But I do know who is behind this thanks to a secret team who is helping me keep an eye on them. The person responsible for posting these links is one of the lackeys from the Gamerfood crowd; Formally from Fosmire's group of the Gamerfood crowd. Again, do not click any links they post in the comments of my videos. On my end, me and my secret team are doing our best to keep an eye on my channel on Utreon. Also any of these comments I see I'm having them removed and flagged as spam.

There is also a special service I'm offering to those who need it. Part of the service involves the group I mentioned in this post. Even though I mainly do video work, secretly with a team I'm working with, we are trying to stop this group from causing further harm to other creators. This group has been known to harass, cyber stalk, and gaslight other creators on the internet. But the team I'm working with also uncovered their phishing scams this group is operating on sites like Snapchat, Utreon, etc. I for one am sick of them! I also am aware other creators, mainly gamers are getting sick of them as well.

The idea of this free campaign service I'm offering to everyone is me and my team want everyone to keep the peace and stay safe on the internet. Especially when it comes to dealing with groups like Gamerfood who cause trouble on different platforms on the internet. My friend who calls himself Ghost can give you tips, tricks, and strategies on how to protect yourself on the internet from those who want to steal your personal data. We're also willing to help anyone else who is dealing with this same group. This service is 100% free of charge for those who want the service and need help. For questions, concerns, or if you want to report a problem and need help to getting started on protecting yourself, contact me here on Utreon.