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Are 3-Wheelers DANGEROUS???
5 days ago

Despite what you might have seen on Top Gear, Reliant Robins aren’t death traps, and this little stunt was staged by monkeying around with the differential. But cars with only three wheels seem less safe. Surely it makes sense to put a wheel on each...

Ford’s pursuit of Speed – RS in the 60s, 70s & 80s
2 weeks ago

Letters on the back of a car can evoke a wealth of emotions. “D” usually means diesel, “L” and “GL” on your company car show where you are on the corporate pecking order. But for petrolheads there are other letters that spark interest. Letters...

The Car that got Poland Moving - the Fiat 126 Story
1 month ago

You may have noticed that car parking spaces are shrinking. Or rather, our cars are getting wider. Fiat had the answer to the parking spot blues in 1972 when the new Fiat 126 burst on the scene. At just 1.4m wide it’s 28cm or almost a foot narrower than..

Why was MyFord Touch a DISASTER?!?
1 month ago

This video is going to be a little different to my normal ones. I usually need to do lots of research to get the story straight. But not this one – this was basically a brain dump! If you don’t know, I once, many moons ago, worked for Microsoft in the...

Why the 👑 Queen drives an Indian Daimler
1 month ago

When you think of Daimler, you think of Mercedes-Benz, and that’s perfectly understandable. Up until recently Mercedes parent company was known as Daimler-Benz. The name comes from Gottlieb Daimler, a German engineer who was a pioneer in early internal...

Just an old Mercedes SLK? The Chrysler Crossfire Story
2 months ago

You might love the Crossfire’s design, or you might hate it, and that’s just what Chrysler wanted. The Chrysler Crossfire was a bold design from a revitalised company, buoyed up with thoughts of world domination with its new partner Daimler. Yet...

Hyundai's Origin Car - the Pony
2 months ago

The Hyundai Pony isn’t held in much regard by the west, but in South Korea it’s celebrated as the beginning of Hyundai’s ascendancy as a global car manufacturer. It may have rusted to nothing in some of the more extreme places it was exported to,...

Was the Ford Ka's WILD style a hit, and where did it all go wrong?!?
3 months ago

If you’re lucky enough to get the chance to name a car, you should pick a name that’s obvious to pronounce. Even though Ford picked a car name with just two letters (probably a record unless you count cars like the Ford Model T), people have found...

A fake Quattro? What was the Audi Coupé?
3 months ago

I’ve always been a bit confused as to just what the Audi Coupé was. It launched the same time as its older brother, the insane, sure-footed Audi Quattro that proved four-wheel drive didn’t just belong on utility vehicles. This car, like a mountain...

Why no Windscreen for Renault Sport's Spider?
5 months ago

To be truly successful, an object needs just enough material to serve its purpose. In the case of a car, and particularly a sports car, removing material not only makes it lighter and therefore faster, but can also save on cost. A light yet robust...

Was the avant-garde Princess ahead of its time?
5 months ago

The Princess has got a bad reputation. By the time it featured as Terry Scott’s suburban car in the ever-so middle-class, middle-of-the-road “Terry and June”, it was seen as just another unreliable mistake from British Leyland. But the Princess was...

Saab 900 - The last Great Saab?
6 months ago

I live in the Pacific Northwest, that is the north west part of the United States. With evergreen forests, and the endless, endless rain, it was maybe natural that Scandinavian loggers moved here. 100 years later many of their ancestors were driving...

Just how British is the Vauxhall Astra?
6 months ago

The Vauxhall Astra has become one of Britain’s most common cars – and something of a British point of pride, being produced in the Ellesmere Port factory in Cheshire. But rather than being more British than bubble and squeak, the first Astra marked...

The many, MANY failed VW Beetle Reboots!
6 months ago

I recently made a video on the many, many times British Leyland tried to update the Mini. The lack of an update helped to make the original Mini an iconic shape. The same has happened to many other iconic cars, and the Volkswagen Type 1 or Beetle falls...

The Citroën DS - a car from the future?
7 months ago

The Citroën DS seemed to have come through a time portal from the future when it launched. Maybe it had, when you consider it was used as a car from 2015 in Back to the Future Part II, even though it had been launched 60 years earlier just a month before.

The Hillman Avenger: Chrysler's world car Cortina-killer?
7 months ago

General Motors famously designed their world car, the Chevette in the 1970s, but before this was Chrysler’s Hillman Avenger. Well, it was initially called the Hillman Avenger on its UK launch, but it seems like it had more names than I’ve had hot...

Why did Renault's happy Twingo lose its smile?
8 months ago

At its most basic level, a car is a box that, by using levers and wheels, gets you to your destination. But we humans find personality and character in everything around us, especially our automotive pride and joy. The BMW 5-series exudes a serious intent

Did the S-Type save Jaguar from extinction?
8 months ago

With the New Labour Government of 1997 and its youthful new Prime Minister, Tony Blair, the UK was undergoing a “Cool Britannia” transformation of identity. Britpop and The Spice Girls were sparking a renewed pride in being British as the country...

Why did this Porsche have a VW badge?
9 months ago

The Porsche 914 wasn’t really a Porsche at all. Well it was, but it had a bunch of Volkswagen bits in it. But then again, it wasn’t exactly unique in that respect! What was different about the 914 was the Porsche and Volkswagen badge on the back, and...

The Many, MANY Failed Mini Reboots!
9 months ago

If British Leyland had a pound for every Mini reboot, they’d still be in business! Ever since it burst on the scene in 1959, designers have been trying to reimagine it for a new era. In the process their failure had made the shape of the original Mini a..