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Videos related to music, including music reviews and tier lists. My tastes trend towards 70s/80s hard rock, so that's mostly what you'll find here. These videos are Utreon-exclusive.
KK’s Priest: Sermons of the Sinner (Album review; Utreon exclusive!)
7 months ago

It’s really awesome to see KK Downing come back. A lot of Priest fans seem convinced that Glenn Tipton is unequivocally better than KK Downing, but I've always seen the two as being equally great guitarists and equally essential to Judas Priest....

Judas Priest's Turbo – The most underrated Priest album (Utreon exclusive!)
8 months ago

Is it their best? Hell no, but is it even REMOTELY bad like a lot of people say? HELL NO!