Aug 25, 2020

Utreon Launches Channel Subscriptions

The YouTube competitor startup reaches the next milestone of its beta with monthly channel subscriptions.

Toronto, Ontario — Utreon launches a monthly channel subscription feature for creators to monetize their content, achieving the next major milestone in Utreon's beta rollout. Monthly subscriptions provide content creators with a predictable and stable source of revenue directly from their audience and supporters. This revenue stream is protected by Utreon's commitment to clear rules, and its content rating system. It also provides content creators with freedom and choice in how they would like to interact with their audience by allowing them to tier their services.

Subscription Tiers

Three subscription tiers, with three different price points, are available for content creators to vary their level of services based on consumers' commitment and support. Audience members can choose their level of support based on the benefits provided at each subscription tier determined by the content creator.

  • Tier 1 Subscription: USD 5.99 / month
  • Tier 2 Subscription: USD 9.99 / month
  • Tier 3 Subscription: USD 24.99 / month

Subscriptions can also be gifted as a way to promote new viewership and support.

Revenue Split

Content creators who join during the Utreon beta will be receiving a 75% share of subscription revenue for the first year. This share is greater than both the 70% share provided by YouTube’s membership system and the 50% share provided by Twitch.

Subscription Benefits

Subscribers will have access to video and blog posts that are limited to subscribers of their tier and above. Utreon is also creating unique badges that will be only be made available to early subscribers as an incentive to subscribe. Utreon will be rolling out additional benefits that content creators can provide to subscribers over time.

Utreon Inc.

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