Jun 23, 2020

Utreon takes on YouTube @ Collision from Home

The YouTube competitor startup launches it's beta phase at the 2020 Collision conference.

Toronto, Ontario — Utreon today launched the beta of it’s next-generation video platform at Collision from Home. Built to compete head-to-head with YouTube, the new platform aims to outdo the reigning giant in terms of both viewer experience and the crucial relationship with the video creators who fuel the platform.

Creators are facing challenges with discovery, monetization, and transparency. Utreon solves these problems by engineering its systems to maximize the credibility of the platform.

“When you design something from a blank-slate, you get to fundamentally rethink things in ways that the incumbent would find nearly impossible to do.” said Edward Brawer, CEO of Utreon. “You can maneuver without fifteen years of baggage and do things based on knowledge the first-mover can only wish to have had at the time.”

Algorithms and Credibility

While social media platforms have relied on opaque algorithms and machine learning to scale to this point, Utreon is taking an approach focused on letting the viewer control the algorithm that determines what they see. “Viewers and creators are telling us that they’re tremendously dissatisfied with the use of algorithms on these platforms. There’s a credibility problem. They know that what they see is being controlled,” said Brawer, “and when you control what someone sees, you control what they think.”

Human Judgment

Utreon approaches the issue of content moderation by creating systems that leverage human judgment. Instead of depending on machine-learning to moderate, Utreon empowers viewers who moderate successfully. “We automatically form juries of viewers to adjudicate cases that have been appealed.” said Brawer. “This means that mistakes are quickly reversed, and it amounts to a human-learning approach that scales just as well as AI, while being more credible and less likely to produce catastrophically wrong results. Platforms like Reddit show us that there’s no lack of users who want to contribute [to moderation].”

Monetization and Trust

Creators will be able to monetize their content through tiered monthly subscriptions and micro-transactions in early July. Utreon has plans to launch advertising and sponsorship options later in the year. Many creators have been using external services such as Patreon to avoid monetizing through YouTube since the 2016 advertising scandal known as the “adpocalypse” that saw scores of channels being “demonetized”. Utreon aims to create a trust-based relationship between itself, advertisers, and creators by being a neutral party and providing advertisers and creators tools and data to match with each other in a market-like manner rather than the “blind-date” approach they have become accustomed to.

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