June 2017 Q&A - Part 2 of 3

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4y Jun 22, 2017

Part 2 of 3 Timestamps:

Old Guns
Ed M
Karl, as a really good long range shooter, what is in your opinion the BEST sniper rifle of World War II; Also, if the US Government didn't involve themselves with the FAL development and it was manufactured as a true assault rifle, do you think the AR15 would have been invented later down the line or not currently exist?

I have a question of guns in the old west, Im not sure if you are still answering them. I wanted to ask about modifications to guns, specifically target sights on revolvers. Many of the reproduction percussion revolvers today have target sights, is there any historical basis for this?

Sean S
Given that the flintlock was in service for almost 2 hundred years, and the match lock was a hundred years of use before that, how long do you think the current plateau will be?

Dave B
Hey Guys shot ant 8mm kurz lately ? :)

Max T
What, in your opinion, is the most bang for your buck C&R gun? Cheers from a broke college student who loves history and firearms but has no money.

Trey A
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a peep rear sight over a U or V rear notch sight. I personally loathe peep sights and find target acquisition and accuracy better, for me at least, using notch rear sights.

What do you think of more traditional lever and bolt action rifles with modern doodads and features tacked on? Think things like lever guns with ghost ring sights and top rails for long eye relief optics or the idea of a scout rifle including things like a detachable box magazine. Is this usually just a gimmick or a valuable way of updating older platforms with more recent innovations?

Modern Discussions
Gregory Seeds
Tell me about lasers. What are they good for? Why have one on a rifle that already has a red dot? I had a 10/22 with an integral laser once, and couldn't find a use for the laser. Why did Karl use the laser for that 250 yard shot in hard as hell first stage? Thanks

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