2.6 Dual Warchief Totem Juggernaut Build in Tier 14 Volcano Map (Corrupted)

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4y Apr 20, 2017

What's up guys! Exiled Gamer here.

Today I'll be showcasing how good my build is.

About my build...

It's a Juggernaut with a dual warchief totem setup.

Why Juggernaut and not Berserker/Chieftain?

Because I love a defensive character and it seems that no one has ever made a good Juggernaut totem build so I decided to make one.

Is this an end-game character already?

NO it's not. When I run this T14 volcano map, I'm only at level 85. As you can see in the video above, mobs can still hurt me a lot as this map has elemental weakness mod in it and, I haven't allocated points in the skill tree yet that has elemental resist.

How about damage you damage?

My damage still sits at 46k when not buff and 67k when I have Herald of Ash and Hatred buff on. However, my actual damage goes up to 83k when I have both totems up. And lastly, it goes to 137k when I activate Atziri's Promise and Lion's Roar flask. But take note that this is not the final DPS output of this build as I did not allocate yet points on passive tree that will definitely increase my DPS.

When will this build be finish?

As soon as I get to level 100. And I'm level 86 right now. I know some of you thinks that it may take awhile for me to level my character to 100 but, I would just like to say that I'm not doing dried lake leveling or low tier map leveling. I'm doing tier 12 to tier 15 maps now, I'm giving these maps some boost by corrupting it.

Which is why I uploaded this video first, to show you that at level 85 below, you can start farming/leveling in t14 to t15 maps with this build.

For now sit back and enjoy as when I finish leveling and get all the nodes I need on my passive tree, I will make a video guide for this build A.S.A.P.

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Thanks you and see you on my next video guys!

Music Credit:

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