Light Language Chat with Paula Walsh & Light Language Transmission for highest good

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1m Oct 15, 2021

Join Paula Walsh & I for a chat on Light language & our joint transmission at the end of the chat for your highest good.
Paula discusses the Light language workshops, and her new role as a resource for all you joining us.
Paula is a Self-Love and Empowerment Coach using the ‘I Love You, Me’ Method, 7 Steps to Transformational Self-Love & Light Language Activator.
Paula will be available to support you (1:1) to gain clarity on what’s coming up for you now or during the workshop, what you’re holding and what needs releasing. She uses a combination of ‘I Love You, Me’ and the Light Language which is super powerful to help you make the shifts.
We will also be adding extra Activation sessions for anyone who cant make the lives - so dont worry if the times mentioned are not aligned with you now - we will be providing ample opportunities to do so.
To register for The Workshops : https://buytickets.at/quantumlife/591543
Paula's special offer to work 1:1 is only available to those of you who are part of the workshop.
You can connect with Paula after registration here:
If you feel the pull join us!

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