CHA-CHING! 2-floor VIP/Royal CHRISTMAS TREE Layout: My Restaurant, Roblox

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6m Jan 12, 2021

I moved from a 5 and 6 floor setup down to a 2 floor setup. Here is the..."layout?" Actually, its not so much a layout...I TEACH you how to build your own!

Watch Teleport tiles, and make sure to keep a tile open on either side of the door, for teleporting, and to use tip jar.

You can only use one tip jar per floor, so make sure customers exiting from either side of your door can reach it!

Although the tip jar in this video is within range of the tree, it does not have to be. If a customer sits within three tiles of a tree, and they tip, the tip will be double. if they buy a soda, or any other items, they pay double as well.

Looks like I have a new FAN! I am featuring him in the cover image to this video.

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