The Pithole Hermit - A Pre-Harvest Tour of some Wild Edibles

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4w Sep 17, 2021

Just a quick return to the Allegheny National Forest to show a few wild edibles. Like Walnuts, Autumn Olives and Wild Grapes.

This is not an in-depth course in plant identification. Please use other resources to verify you have the correct plants.

About The Pithole Hermit

The Pithole Hermit documents a bit of his off-grid life in the hills of Northern Pennsylvania. Including wild edibles, hiking, fishing and hunting. www.pithole.com .


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Harvester Of Eyes @harvester 4w 4 weeks ago

Woot, more Pithole videos! I saw your post on your website and I love the idea of your Primitive Living series. Making laundry detergent/soap from nothing sounds really neat.

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Pithole Hermit @pitholehermit 4w 4 weeks ago

Thanks. I hope I can stay with it. Also I like to do spooky things during Autumn, my favorite time of year. I haven't posted recently. My only internet is weak 4G so even my short videos take a long time to upload. I often lose connection in the middle and have to start all over. I usually go down the road a couple of miles to my daughter's who has fast internet.

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User deleted 4w 4 weeks ago