The Digital Thunderdome: the Self-Immolation of the New York Times [Part 1]

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1y Jul 15, 2020

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, the NYT was forced to own up to its journalistic failures. Having completely ignored the evidence around the depth of Trump’s support, the now disoriented paper of record found itself completely out of touch and incapable of understanding the country it purported to be the paper of record for.

Following Donald Trump’s victory, the times published a letter to its readers, in which it rededicated itself “to the fundamental mission of Times journalism.” The failure of the NYT was not just a result of trying to both support their preferred candidate through their coverage while also claiming to have the one true understanding of the race.

The journalistic malfeasance at the NYT was actually more flagrant than that. In a now infamous piece, Times reporter Jim Rutenberg explained that Donald Trump was such an “abnormal and potentially dangerous candidate” that the normal standards of journalism could not be applied.

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