Call Back

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4m Mar 8, 2021

After a botched attempt to repair a damaged smartphone, Danny has accidentally discovered a means of sending a message backwards in time. How is his serendipitous discovery linked to a series of freak storms and a mysterious epidemic which are devastating a small English town?

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Tom Everatt
Editing and Sound by Howard White
Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson


“Everatt works on a higher energy level than most actors, delivering an incongruous story with complete credibility and even more enthusiasm. It is a real pity television is a closed world and the new Doctor Who won’t be a newcomer, because this is a fresh Matt Smith who can deliver complex ideas with effortless simplicity"
“Less complicated than it sounds, and neatly tied off by explanations in the final scene" "This is a neat Philip K Dick style effort with an excellent central performance.
★★★★ Theatre Monkey

There’s a lot of detail in Call Back, which goes at quite a brisk pace. It may be a mindboggling story, but it’s also a very amusing one, with an excellent punchline at the very end.
★★★★ London Theatre1

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