Grand Guilds – An Unpolished Gem

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5m Jul 3, 2021

It certainly is a grand SRPG. And it certainly has a case for being the best SRPG to be released in 2020.

Soundtrack found here: https://eduardolopez.bandcamp.com/album/grand-guilds-original-videogame-soundtrack

Songs used:
"Title Theme" from 7 Grand Dad
"Girl of the Spirit Forest" from Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War
"Eliza's Theme" from Grand Guilds
"Flying Dragon of the Battlefield" from Shining Force 3
"Battle 2" from Skies of Arcadia
"Battle Theme" from Megaman Battle Network 3
"Dancing with Blades" from Grand Guilds
"Mysterious Island" from Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole
"Freya's Theme" from Langrisser 3
"Genova Library" from Evoland 2
"Title Screen" from Megaman 3
"Stormwind" by Europe (cover by me of course)

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Daige @daige77 2m 2 months ago

So I found your review for this game on Youtube, posted a long comment, then saw that you kind of ignore Youtube...so I went here and will now post the same thing I posted there:

I love that you put that Europe easter egg in there with "Stormwind". Great song. Did you encounter that game-stopping bug in the dune sea quest? It seems many players couldn't continue playing when that showed up. Anyway, I applaud your review that goes completely against the general hate-stream and actually gives this game due credit for what it accomplishes. I liked what I saw even before this review, but now you convinced me to buy this since the game is obviously way better than 90-95% of all games in the Nintendo shop, and you also got a new subscriber for your channel. Looking forward to following you.

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Harvester Of Eyes @harvester 2m 2 months ago

There was a game-stopping bug? Hm. I don't recall running into it. From what I gather, it sounds like there were quite a few bugs upon release, which (understandably) turned people off from the game. So maybe it's for the best that I waited around a year to try out the game? I dunno.

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Daige @daige77 2m 2 months ago

Yes, those reviews could very well refer to a bug that's already been fixed. If so, I'll make a review about it on Metacritic.

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