Gaster Vs Chara! VRtale! Episode 6! The Season 1 FINALE!

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4m Mar 2, 2021

Gaster and Chara finally clash in this 6th installment of the VRtale series! After causing havoc in the Gaster Void, VRtale Chara is finally able to battle the old man. However, VRtale Gaster is no pushover. Summoning allies from the depths of time and other dimensions. It seems this isn't really a fight for Gaster, but just another opportunity to gather some data. How long will the battle rage on? Will VRtale Chara be able to put down the old man? Or will VRtale Gaster simply trap Chara in an endless loop...

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Also just a note here, CgC and FistofFury were part of the cast. I forgot to add them in the cast list. If you see them around. give them a big pat on the back for doin such an epic job!

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