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1y Feb 24, 2020

James "@ConceptualJames" Lindsay is an author and speaker who has been shining the light on inconsistencies and vicissitudes of PostModern Activism and Critical Theory. He's launching a new platform: https://www.newdiscourses.com (going live this Wednesday evening) that lays out in encyclopedic detail how the various Grievance Studies and their core concepts operate. This is a wide ranging discussion—as it always is with James!

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-How words are being redefined (Boyce calls this "phrase shifting") and the elitist lexicon: 9:57-14:02 and 1:23:58-1:34:15
-Lindsay explaining his "Translations of the Wokish" encyclopedia: min 22:30-25:25
-Lindsay explaining "post-structuralism": min 40:55-46:00
-How post-structuralism relates to Critical Theory: min 48:00-53:00
-Effects of post-structuralism and critical theory on people's behavior, especially why it attacks science. (This could also be stated as people having a worldview based on subjective "lived experiences" v. a worldview based on objective, observable data) : min 53:00-1:03:26
-Evaluating the behavior of the Evergreen students in light of their worldview: min 1:04:10-1:11:10
-Evaluating Classical Liberalism: 1:11:10-1:17:30
-Critical Theory as a shortcut to false expertise: 1:17:30-1:20:24
-How to combat critical theory: min 1:20:24-1:25:25
-What to read if you want to see what critical theorists believe in their own words:1:26:25-1:26:48
-Another college example of critical theory in action from Montana: 1:35:13-1:36:45
-The wastefulness of critical theory: 1:36-45-1:37:51
-Happy Hour starts at 1:37:51

(Thanks to K.Hannon for the chapter time stamps!)

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