Holy Places Pilgrimage Tribeni Shish Mahal & Balmiki Ashram

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4y Jan 14, 2017

Holy Places Pilgrimage Tribeni Shish Mahal & Balmiki Ashram
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The journey to this Ashram starts from Kathmandu passing Thankot, Muglin, Narayanghat via west highway passing Badharghat Bazaar, Gopigunj, Beltari, Raninagar covering 26 km distance and extends to Tribeni Bazaar. This is a very famous holy place, Tribeni Dham. The adjoining point of three rivers namely, Subhadra, Tamsa, and Narayani, Tribeni has a unique religious significance. There is a huge fair during Maghe Sankranti and Shivaratri. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from different places of Nepal as well as India come to visit this fair. There is Gajendra Mokshya Dibya Dham nearby Tribeni just at a distance of 10 minutes. This pilgrimage symbolizing Lord Vishnu on heron imparts big religious importance among Hindus

There is a huge forest of Chitwan National Park just the side beyond Tribeni Burial (Ghat). Balmiki Ashram is inside the Chitwan National Park at Gardi V.D.C., Ward No.9, Chitwan district of Nepal.

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1:32 - Star from Kathmandu to Balmiki Ashram

1:47 - Triveni Nawalparasi
5:28 - Balmiki Ashram tour

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