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Sword and Scale Season 1 Episode 31

Sword and Scale Episode 31

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1y Dec 21, 2019

There are 2.2 million people suffering from schizophrenia in the United States. You have a one in a hundred chance of encountering one on any given day. Most are non-violent people struggling with what can sometimes be a debilitating disease, but for a small percentage of these people the voices in their head can lead a handful of them down a path from which there is no return. For the rest of us, no knowing if the person next to you is capable of murdering and dismembering you at any given moment can be utterly terrifying. This week we tell you the story of three people who were minding their own business, going about their day either taking a trip, going to work, or just relaxing at home after a long day. Each of these people have one thing in common: they all became victims unexpectedly to a case of the severe mental illness of another, as well as a flawed healthcare system that fails to treat those most in need of help. In this episode we discuss the cases of Vince Weiguang Li, Alton Nolen and Derek Ward. All three of these men decapitated their victims, with a complete lack of empathy or mercy, while undergoing a severe psychotic episode. The brutality of their attacks are unimaginable and terrifying. If these stories don't give you nightmares, you should seek counseling yourself.

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Sword and Scale covers the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions. We cover true-crime stories, high-profile trials, unsolved murders and missing persons cases.


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