Ending the Craziest Boss in Path of Exile 2.6 Legacy League

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4y Apr 20, 2017

So I was leveling my character in t14 corrupted palace map when suddenly this beyond boss spawn!

IMO, this is the craziest boss in path of exile's legacy league. I've seen a lot of people doing shaper map, guardians, atziri, labyrinth and other end-game map but, nothing can compare this boss.

The name of this boss is Abaxoth, the End of All That is. A unique beyond boss that is present in the Legacy League only.

Why this boss is extremely OP?

This boss has extra cold damage, cannot be frozen, enemies take chaos damage over time, resist elemental damage, resist chaos and has berserk fury. And to top that all, this boss can cast dangerous spells like Ice Spear with GMP support, Vaal Storm Call and Vaal Flameblast in a large area, can summon skeletons and can use flicker strike. Yes flicker strike which means that you can't escape from this boss specially in open area maps.

Luckily, I survived this boss. Well, I think it's actually a combination of luck and my build. I was lucky that it's not an open area map and I was able to take advantage of walls and doors in this area and, I was really thankful that I choose a tanky build. If not, then I would really be pissed off if I died in that encounter.

Thanks for watching guys and see you on my next video!

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