Vintage Operator: Polish Resistance Fighter T-Shirt

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3y Oct 20, 2017

In the autumn of 1939, Poland found itself in the target of two huge military powers who colluded to split its territory and wreak a terrible toll on its people. Many would have simply collapsed under such an onslaught, but the Polish Home Army - and a variety of other Polish Resistance organizations - stood up to the challenge and fought against both Nazi and Soviet domination.

Our Polish Resistance Vintage Operator is shown with an iconic Polish underground manufactured Błyskawica submachine gun and standing on the tattered remains of both authoritarian flags.

Za wolność!

Russian and German hackers attempted to interrupt the signal but we will prevail and apologize for having to publish this a second time.

The end scenes are from the film "Miasto '44" directed by Jan Komasa.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History:

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