Gravely Pro Stance 32" Mulching Kit Install

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2w Sep 12, 2021

We're installing a Gravely Pro Stance 32" Mulching Kit in today's episode! A little bit ago we introduced you to this sweet Gravely Pro Stance 32" Zero Turn Mower and it's absolutely awesome! Make's mowing the lawn actually fun! The only problem is mowing everything means you end up with a lot of grass clippings that have to be raked and bagged. So we decided to get rid of that only problem. The Gravely Pro Stance 32" Mulching Kit means the grass clippings get mulched right up and we don't have to rake them or bag them. How sweet is that? Come along as we show you how to install this nifty mulching kit so if you're installing your own you'll know exactly what to do. And of course we're going to entertain you as we do it, thanks to Uncle Jake and Dr. Torque. So grab something delicious to drink, maybe a nice iced tea cause it still dang hot out, sit back, relax, and join us for how to install a Gravely Pro Stance 32" Mulching kit!

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