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1m Sep 8, 2021

my favourite superhero is the amazing spider man....he has always inspired me to do the right thing no matter what the cost
I never made a video dedicated to him mostly because everyone told me it wont be "relatable"
finally I was done with it and decided to make this video after all stan lee himself said : " if you have an idea that you genuinely think is good...dont let some idiot tell you otherwise " not that people who tried telling me not to do this were idiots but I wanted go go with what my gut says.
I hope you find this video worth watching and I think spider mans values and morals can be applied in each of our lives so that the world becomes a better place........ I've talked about why I love spider man in this video and I think I speak from my heart this time.
some may call me childish and some may say I should grow out of it.......but trust me when you have someone to look upto and someone to idolize be it fiction or reality life becomes way better and your bars will be set high!

I dedicate this video to all spider man fans and the legendary stan lee

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