Tuesday Conversation with Friends: Arisa Kusumi, Soprano, Educator, Administrator Ep: 3

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5m Apr 5, 2021

Today's Tuesday Conversation with Friends features Internationally Acclaimed Soprano @Arisa Sullivan (Arisa Kusumi). It is a four-part interview, and you can view it in its entirety here. We started at the very beginning of how she started out as a young student. The choices she made along the way. Her time at Eastman School of Music and Goethe-Institut in Germany. Her love of Lieder. How anxiety interrupted her career, and how she came back to create a new path that is uniquely hers. Being a classical musician is a calling. Once it has chosen you, it is a lifelong journey to chart out each artist's unique path. Currently, Arisa has an active singing career while being the Executive and Artistic Director of The Howey MansionMusic Series Inc. It serves on the faculty of the Vienna Summer Music FestivalOpera Institute and maintains a private studio. Also, she is a regular adjudicator for various international voice competitions and the fearless leader of CFL NATS, the local chapter of NATS.
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About Tuesday Conversation w/ Friends

Tuesday Conversation with Friends is a conversation series born out of our unique experience during the pandemic in 2020. One day, I started leafing through my Facebook friends list and realized I have absolutely fascinating friends.


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