The Etymological History (Origins) of the Philistines

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1y Jul 18, 2020

This is episode two of our series on the Philistines! In this episode Dr. Aren Maeir walks us through the etymological history of the term Philistines and when they were first mentioned, who the were called and by who?

Also, he brings up a controversial theory as to whether or not there two groups of Philistines. One in the North and the other being those mentioned in the Old Testament. Were there really two groups?

We will also discuss Philistia and why peoples like the Greeks continued to call the land that after the Philistines had been assimilated this will also interestingly lead us to the renaming of the region to Palestine.

The Philistines were an ancient people who lived on the south coast of Canaan from the 12th century BC until 604 BC, when they were exiled to Mesopotamia by King Nebuchadnezzar II. They are known for their biblical conflict with the Israelite's. Though the primary source of information about the Philistines is the Hebrew Bible, they are first attested to in reliefs at the Temple of Ramses III at Medinet Habu, in which they are called Peleset (accepted as cognate with Hebrew Peleshet); the parallel Assyrian term is Palastu, Pilišti, or Pilistu.

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Philistine Temple Footage: Yaron Z. Eliav, M.A., Ph.D

Image Credits: Garry Reznikovsky

Pottery Footage is due to the courtesy of the Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East.



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