Linux Mint Presentation - February 24th, 2021

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4m Mar 2, 2021

An introduction to Linux in general, and later some specifics on use, customization, and keeping a Linux Mint Cinnamon system updated.

This previously was presented during a Zoom meeting that was interrupted, but we were able to use some of that meeting (Jason's presentation) and we included more information based on questions asked in that initial meeting.

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:48 Lineage of Linux Mint
00:11:40 What Makes Linux Different - Jason (from initial Zoom meeting)
00:22:38 Start of Practical Guide to Linux Mint (Cinnamon)
00:23:46 Welcome Screen
00:24:50 Welcome Screen > First Steps - Customizing the Look
00:27:28 Welcome Screen > First Steps - Driver Manager
00:28:35 Welcome Screen > First Steps - Update Manager
00:33:05 Welcome Screen > First Steps - System Settings (change password, window options, background image)
00:40:12 Pinning applications to the panel across the bottom
00:41:12 Welcome Screen > First Steps - Software Manager (Installing and removing programs)
00:44:28 Welcome Screen > First Steps - Firewall
00:46:24 Welcome Screen > First Steps - System Snapshots (backups)
00:48:44 Application Menu (LM image at bottom left)
00:49:55 Super buttons on keyboard (Windows or Command button)
00:51:33 Customizing clock on right side of panel
00:53:10 LibreOffice (much like Microsoft Office, but FREE)

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