How to Beat the HUNGER & DEATH in "THE PLATFORM" (2019)

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1y Apr 16, 2020

The Platform is a movie about a vertical self-management center, which is a fancy way of saying a prison in the shape of a tower. At the core of the plot lies the platform, which is loaded with a king’s feast worth of food every day, enough to keep all 333 levels alive if rationed appropriately. The platform is then sent down through a hole in the center of the tower to the peasants, level by level, top to bottom. Every month the residents are randomly placed on a different level. You could be at the top 1 month, the bottom the next month, or on the bottom 3 months in a row.

The Platform is a sadistic hellhole that extracts and emphasizes the worst aspects and temptations of human behavior. People who find themselves at the top give little crap for those below them, or a lot in some cases.. They greedily consume as much as their bellies can hold, and leave no food or dignity for those below them, causing either suicide, starvation, or cannibalism. Why should they care for those below them, as the lower class has no recourse (can’t crap upwards). And when the people on the top levels had been on the lower levels, nobody spared them, so why should they spare those who didn’t spare them? It’s a vicious cycle.

If you woke up tomorrow on floor 48 of the tower of terror, what would you do, what could you do?

In this video on Nerd Explains, we'll try to find out how to beat The Platform.

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