Winning the Unwinnable War -- a Panel with Elan Journo, Alex Epstein and Yaron Brook

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1y Jan 16, 2020

The undefeated Taliban are waging a fierce comeback in Afghanistan, the launching pad for 9/11. Pakistan struggles to fend off jihadists fighting to dominate the nuclear-armed state. The Islamist regime in Iran may soon acquire its own nuclear weapon. Clearly American foreign policy is failing across the Middle East.

Is there a way out of this worsening morass?

Yes -- argues a provocative new book, Winning the Unwinnable War. It lays out how Washington's response to 9/11 in the Middle East was subverted by our own policies, and argues that to safeguard U.S. lives, we must properly identify the enemy -- the state-sponsored Islamic totalitarian movement -- and unapologetically defeat it. Had we done that after 9/11, we could have ended the Islamist threat years ago—and we still could today.

Hosted by the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors on November 30, 2009. For more see https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRy0IuyalxOVMs4LAbC995Q.

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