(Nerf Gameplay) FTW Gear Up CQB gameplay

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1y Jul 19, 2020

(This game was filmed before COVID-19 Social Distancing laws and lockdowns were in place)

We are playing a quick match of Meatgrinder. The rules are simple. Players have unlimited lives and the team who has the most tags after ten minutes, wins.

I'm using my 130 fps, Flywheel the World Gear Up Recon.

Alison is using her 2s Rapidstrike and Ruin is using his Longshot with a 15kg spring.

If you would like to build your own FTW Recon blaster, check out the FTW website. https://flywheeltheworld.com/files/

Music used with permission from Master Boot Records, http://tiny.cc/fdf7iz

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