Day 4 - [updated] 30 Days Living Off the Land - Pine Needles and Catkins

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1m Jul 31, 2021

DAY 4 - 30 Days Living Off The Land
May 4th - Pine Needles and Catkins.
Okay. I sing a Christmas song instead of quoting a Euell Gibbons Grape Nuts commercial. Pine catkins today at my daughters farm.
My daughter works online producing and editing online shows. So I was at her house trying to get her cellular internet working better.
Also includes an update on Yellow Rocket and some Peppermint.
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NOTE: I only did 9 days of this "30 days" due to bad weather and lack of interest.
This is not an in-depth course in plant identification. Please use other resources to verify you have the correct plants.

These videos accompany the weblog at www.pithole.com/category/30-days-living-off-the-land/.

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