Fun indoors at home with real guns and high pressure ammo? ! ?

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4y Nov 10, 2016

The Bloke and The Chap try out an awesome air cartridge home training system from http://www.easy-munition.com/ Turn your basement, living room or loft into a range, without noise issues!

These air cartridges take plastic bullets, and are charged with air from a pump or a compressor. Then, they work in your unmodified pistol, revolver, or rifle, like ordinary ammunition. Those in the UK might remember the Brocock system, which is similar.

The Chap demonstrates .44 Special in an Uberti S&W Russian Model, and 9mm in an H&K P7. The Bloke demonstrates 7.5x55mm GP11 in an 1893 cavalry carbine, a K31 and a Stgw 57.

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