Human Nature Music Videos - "Waste Our Time" by Jane & The Boy

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1m Dec 2, 2021

Artist Bio:
"Jane & The Boy are a duo who work remotely between the US and the UK. Their style could be described as Indie Pop infused with Singer-Songwriter bops." - Artlist

My stock video sources:
Artgrid - https://rb.gy/y9kal1
Filmpac: https://rb.gy/zu5zab
Motion Array - https://rb.gy/izw7du
Storyblocks - https://rb.gy/gj1ppr
RawFilm - https://rb.gy/qoxxpf

Where I license the music:
Artlist - https://rb.gy/l8u9pc
Audiosocket - https://rb.gy/mkipln
Filmpac: https://rb.gy/zu5zab
Soundstripe - https://rb.gy/yikh7j
Uppbeat - https://rb.gy/f3koz2

NOTE: This video was created using legally licensed music and was not commissioned by the artist.


About Human Nature Music Videos

New and original music videos produced by Alexa Digital Media featuring songs by independent artists. Made from 100% stock footage and other creative assests using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


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