You Can Vape What?! - How To Vape Essential Earth Blends with Ascent Portable Vaporizer

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5y Aug 13, 2015

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - In this episode of "You Can Vape What?!", we will show you how you can effeciently vape essential oils out of the DaVinci™ Ascent portable vaporizer.

Remember to clean your Ascent vaporizer first to free it of any residual odors that may affect flavor. We recommend performing a burn off cycle before and after using your favorite essential oils.

You will need is your DaVinci Ascent vaporizer and oil jar with some organic cotton and your favorite essential oil. Start by cutting off a piece of organic cotton and fitting it to the oil jar. Make sure you do not pack the cotton too tightly. Next, saturate the cotton inside the oil jar with your favorite essential earth blend.

If preferred, you can also fill your oil jar without the organic cotton. Close the lid and place the jar into the Ascent lid side up. The lid in the oil jar is optional for use but be sure to keep the device upright to prevent spillage. Close your Ascent portable vaporizer and power on. Then, begin hitting up the device to 275 - 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You should slowly turn up the heat until you get the desired vapor clouds and flavor.

When finished, make sure to let the device cool down before removing the oil jar.

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