El Rey Lobo: The Wolf King of 12th Century Medieval Murcia

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1m Jun 21, 2021

The Wolf King of Murcia: Ibn Mardanish and the Second Taifa Period in Eastern Al-Andalus.

Before Game of Thrones was a thought in our imagination, literature and television there was man in medieval Iberia who would reshape trade, the borders of Kingdoms and would forever define the complicated relationship of Medieval Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Medieval World.

That man commonly known as El Rey Lobo or the Wolf King was officially known as Abu ʿAbd Allāh Muḥammad ibn Mardanīš.

Surrounded by rivals and potential allies the Wolf King set out to make medieval Murcia a force to be reckoned with as he expanded and fought to ensure the prosperity of his kingdom, family and people.

From working with Christian kingdoms to going to war with fellow Islamic kingdoms he was a man who looked beyond religion and ethnic bias in order to achieve what he wanted.

As he expanded his impact would greatly impact trade in the medieval Mediterranean, Iberian coinage, architecture, traditional borders and the way that medieval chroniclers saw powerful Muslims in medieval Iberia.

But as he grew older caliphates and dynasties came and went into the abyss of history and a new power arose. Slowly the Almoravids came under conquest of the Almohads and the old wolf found himself in a world that was changing and he foresaw a future that would not bode well for his family.

Tragically he spent his last days trying to negotiate power between his Muslim enemies and his heirs who would follow him.

From battlefields to Christian courts the wolf king left a legacy of cunning ambition and one that would never be forgotten.

This episode explores a series known as "Heroes or Villains in Medieval Iberia where the audience decides if a certain historical character is a hero, a villain or if it is more complicated than one over the other.

Video Footage attribution goes to Adam Myrie of HAMAA | The Historical African Martial Arts Association.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2AdDHTxTH9hzchUqxVeI1A

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