TAKE ACTION: ATF to ban braces and redefine firearms.

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1m Jun 9, 2021

The BATF is taking unprecedented action to redefine what constitutes a firearms and to ban braces. Please watch and share this video. Also, please contact your Representatives and submit letters to the ATF.

Contact your Reps here: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials
Submit comments on ATF Frame or receiver rule: https://www.gunowners.org/na05252021/

This has useful links in case people want to see GOA’s comments from pistol brace gun ban v1: https://www.gunowners.com/atf-comments

GOA Comments on Proposed ATF “Definition of ‘Frame or Receiver’ and Identification of Firearms” : https://www.gunowners.org/wp-content/uploads/GOA-Comments-on-Proposed-ATF-Definition-of-‘Frame-or-Receiver-and-Identification-of-Firearms-Docket-No.-ATF-2021R-05.pdf

Sign-up for GOA Action Alerts: https://gunownersaction.org/sign-up/

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Link to brace comments coming tomorrow.

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