May 2018 Q&A

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3y May 24, 2018


Big thanks to patron, supporter and Discordian Tinky Winky for helping with these time stamps!

0:59 Seth P
What’s the word on the M27 IAR project for IRTV?

2:04 Nicolas B
Have you ever shot a Robinson Armament XCR?

2:43 Devin S
Having gone with the Holosun, will you take a look at their pistol micro dot?

3.54 Eamon B
Thoughts on dummy cartridges and snap caps?

6:06 Tyler R
Fighting rifle for a ban state?

8:50 Jeremy R
Cause of the AR-10 lack of popularity internationally?

10:50 Eric H
Pocket carry vs IWB for hot AZ weather? P365?

12:20 Nicolas S
Shotguns as a stage gun as an alternative for 3gun?

14:47 Christopher M
Potential for the Metal Storm electrically fired stacked munition system

15:30 David P
Armed autonomous drones, future or doomed?

15:37 Allan B
1873 Winchester rifles Italian replicas using .45 Colt smokeless ?

16:57 Teddy
Thoughts on Project Appleseed or other marksmanship programs?

18:07 Matthew H
Best 5.56 service rifle?

20:09 Chainslack
Karl, weight loss and shooting performance?

22:01 Anthony B
Rebuilt sporter surplus vs commercial bolt action rifle?

24:06 Leonard S
Electronic in-ear earpro?

25:52 Billy K Jr
Do you keep diagrams of stage designs, does Ian help with stage design?

27:07 Probably Satan
Pre match routine?

28:10 Sheldon R
.22LR for high volume shooting training?

28:27 Ian S
Why the hate on SERPA holsters?

31:40 Jason S
Which country has the best and most available AKs?

32:47 Anders H
Ljungman rifle in 2gACM?

33:29 Nathaniel M
“Original" vs Uberti Henry rifles?

36:58 Gary Y
Onward VR? Pavlov VR?

37:37 Will R
Strangest malfunction you’ve ever seen?

39:37 James H
Current trend of people carrying concealed pistols with comps and optics?

41:17 Molly
What 7.62 Tokarev pistol would you choose?

42:57 Alvin York
What makes heavier ((grain)) bullets better suited for MG use?

40:47 Michael S
Lights on the WWSD rifles? What do you look for in a weapon light?

47:18 Jasper W
Why can’t US manufacturers make a decent AK?

50:25 Justin A
Why do you hate shotguns? Do you think a shotgun would fit a truck gun role?

51:19 Chance H
3D printing (metal) for guns?

53:30 Desi O
Why do you think US shooters emphasize long range marksmanship?

55:34 Jefrey
Best choice in brand/model for a lever gun in 2018?

55:53 London J
Why isn’t 5.45 more widespread?

57:49 Hunter O
Why not shotguns as primary combat weapons ?

1:00:35 Shawn S
What happened to Google Hangouts?

1:01:56 Thomas A
2gACM with a non semi-automatic?

1:03:06 Sven J
What do you like about the FAMAS? What about the AUG and Tavor?

1:06:00 Brandon A
Airsoft guns as training tools for 2gACM

1:06:57 Andrew L
How often are people DQed in matches? How are they treated?

1:08:16 Tyler P
Do you find it difficult to separate firearms and politics?

1:11:21 RompaStompa
Adjustable gas block for a range-only gun that will always use the same ammo?

1:12:22 Ferrous
At what range do you zero your WWSD carbine?

1:13:35 Spot S
What would you like to see more/less of in competition?

1:14:17 Tyler H
What do you think about the B&T Universal Service Weapon?

1:15:05 Shawn S
Why is the Krag Jorgensen under appreciated?

1:15:54 Ian H
What’s in your IFAK? Why is it positioned that way on your belt?

1:16:45 Jeffrey L
Why aren’t shotgun tubes on top to ease speed loading?

1:17:59 Antti R
Opinion on modern air pellet and BB guns as training tool?

1:18:45 Andy
Would the PKM work as well with rimless ammunition?

1:19:13 Duke VonMeep the 2nd
Experience with the Bisley style grips?

1:20:29 Matt136
At home dry fire regimen?

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