Q&A - December 2016

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4y Dec 25, 2016

We received a swath of questions from our Patreon supporters, so I did my best to get through as many as I could in this later-than-it-should-be-Q&A video. :)

Here's the list of addressed questions with time stamps if something specific interests you above the rest you can skip to that directly:

A hearty thanks to all our supporters, and in particular, Patreons! You're keeping this project going!

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
1:00 Best modern reasonably priced DA/SA handgun?
3:45 2 gun match questions?
9:15 Would it be possible to shoot 2gun or 3gun with a percussion revolver?
11:05 Will suppressors be removed from the NFA?
13:55 Old west vignette questions
20:20 Luger spring replacement process?
21:10 SU25 and Russian equipment durability?
24:55 If you’re only going to have one handgun and one rifle, what cartridge should they be chambered in?
28:41 Questions about information security and infosec learning?
32:25 Serious guns vs fun guns? Training scars from competition shooting?
41:47 Raffle off a prize to come shoot with InRangeTV?
42:13 Best gun fun/competition firearm in restrictive states?
43:50 How much of a disadvantage is it by not having full auto as a capability?
45:46 Is there more VR content coming to InRange?
46:59 Can you tell us about your work our regimen? Is it tailored to improve your 2gun performance?
51:05 Are iron sights sufficient good enough for CQB or home defense? Should you just use a red dot?
53:04 Patreon update, monthly give-a-ways coming!

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