Patreon Q&A: January 2018 Edition

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3y Jan 11, 2018

A somewhat tired Bloke and Chap answer Patreon's questions in some pretty poor acoustics! And of course, a BotR episode wouldn't be complete without some form of screw up somewhere along the line......

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:34 K31 tuning
2:02 Eating powder
2:41 What's the deal with the P14
5:27 Swiss Products LLC
7:22 Specific Lee-Enfields to buy?
8:43 Guns that are rare & expensive in the US, cheap in Switzerland?
10:48 Cross-border travel with firearms in Europe
13:36 AR15 or AK?
14:46 Best commercial .303 to avoid rimlock?
15:21 Practical shooting in Switzerland
17:17 Swiss standard infantryman's kit (unanswered :) )
17:55 Maintenance of mil rifles
23:33 No.4 sling - carrying only?
25:11 Modern vs Classic bolt-actions
26:03 What semi-auto pistol would the British Army have adopted in the 1910's?
28:40 Favourite British general
29:19 Other BOffTR vids in the works?
30:10 Downconversions from full auto in Switzerland
31:10 Straight-pulls: why?
34:19 Dream weapon
34:50 Speeding tickets and gun rights in Switzerland
36:58 Why machined parts in the MG51? And why is the Stgw 90 so bland after a century of more "colourful" designs?
42:35 Comparing other old uniforms on skis
43:00 Why is 8x57 Mauser over-engineered?
43:59 Penalty for dropping the bread in the fondue
44:28 3D printed chargers
45:34 Chap's handedness

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