Silver spikes higher, new Kuya deal, Peru silver update

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2m May 17, 2021

Silver has started the week with a spike up in the price, while Kuya Silver has acquired new mineral rights in Peru.

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To support legal action against the CFTC, and if you feel that CFTC commissioner Rostin Behnam should explain why the futures market was able to “tamp down” a dangerous situation in the silver market, and why the agency acted to “control the price and volatility” click here:

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Hello Chris,

Thank you for contacting the United States Mint.

After careful consideration, we regret that we must decline your interview request.

We appreciate your interest and apologize any disappointment.

United States Mint

No problem, and not too disappointed. Although perhaps a little confused, as I called one of your customer service reps and mentionedI have an audience of over 50,000 silver investors, many of whom are your customers, who are often confused about what they read about the mint, and she seemed grateful for teh chance to clear up some of the mysteries.

However, can you just help me figure out how I can find an answer to the following question so I can report back to my aduinece,

What’s in their charter

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